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Centron® Hip

The Centron Hip is a lightweight, effective hip abduction orthosis for hip stabilization after a revision, total prosthetic replacement of the hip or hip dislocation. The universal components can be ordered separately or as a complete assembled product.

Common Examples of Use

  • Chronic dislocation stabilization
  • Arthroscopic hip repairs
  • Total hip revisions
  • Hip joint surgeries
  • Hip joint injuries
  • ROM control

Product Features

  • Universal left or right
  • Infinite abduction degrees
  • Front and rear circumferential sizing

Part Numbers

CEN-SIZECentron Hip Abduction, Complete
HIP-PEL-PED1Centron Hip Abduction, Pelvic, Pediatric
HIP-PEL-SIZECentron Hip Abduction, Pelvic
HIP-THI-PED1Centron Hip, Abduction, Thigh Cuff, Pediatric
HIP-THI-SIZECentron Hip Abduction, Thigh Cuff
HIP–JNT-SHIMCentron, Joint, Shim Kit, 1/4” Outset
HIP–JNTCentron, Joint, Std Upper, Std Lower Bar
HIP–JNT-LLBCentron, Joint, Std Upper, Long Lower Bar
HIP–JNT-LUB-LLBCentron, Joint, Long Upper, Long Lower Bar
HIP–JNT-LUB-XLBCentron, Joint, Long Upper, Xlong Lower Bar
HIP–JNT-SUBCentron, Joint, Short Upper, Std Lower Bar
HIP–JNT-SUB-LLBCentron, Joint, Short Upper, Long Lower Bar
HIP–JNT-SUB-SLBCentron, Joint, Short Upper, Short Lower Bar
HIP–JNT-XLBCentron, Joint, Std Upper, Xlong Lower Bar
HIP–JNT-XUB-XLBCentron, Joint, Xlong Upper, Std Lower Bar
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